John and Donna Corrigan were married for twenty-five years. He wishes it had been longer. John wrote “LOVE ALWAYS” for many reasons, chief among them, to honour Donna’s brave breast cancer journey. He has documented the many twists and turns of breast cancer diagnosis and treatments in the hope that Donna’s story will help others facing this insidious disease. John is retired and lives on the Frankford, Ontario rural property that he and Donna loved and shared for nearly two decades.
It started with a worrisome lump in Donna’s neck. It was May 2017. At the time, John and Donna Corrigan were looking forward to the publication of John’s debut, non-fiction title about the Red Knight.
John had spent twenty-four years doing meticulous research on the Royal Canadian Air Force’s legendary solo-aerobatic jet performer. But, suddenly, that lump plunged the couple into a race for a diagnosis and prayers for an effective treatment.
"Love Always" Facebook PageLove Always”, released in 2020, chronicles the many efforts and lessons learned on a journey that consumed the Corrigans for eighteen months. During that period, Donna endured two rounds of chemotherapy, a radical mastectomy, and twenty-five radiation treatments, followed by more radiation before she finally succumbed to Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), a rare and aggressive form of the disease.
Written with the hope of helping others on their breast cancer journey, “Love Always” lays out the challenges and hopes for couples and families facing a potentially terminal breast cancer diagnosis.
It isn’t pretty, but it shows there is a community of loving support, from family, friends, health care professionals and even strangers, making it possible to move through the bleakest of times with love, hope, and the knowledge that we are never alone.
"A plainspoken and extensively detailed account of cancer treatment and the pain of loss." — Kirkus Reviews
Donna & John Corrigan

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